Deep Frying Pot

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Japanese Style Deep Frying Pot Thermometer Tempura Fryer Pan Temperature Control Fried Chicken Pot Cooking Tools Kitchen Utensil

Bullet Points:

1、Practical in Use: With the deep fryer, you can make the oil temperature control more precise.

2、Stainless Steel: The fryer is made of stainless steel, durable, featured by 

good insulation performance, which is very suitable for frying.

3、Easy to Clean: The fryer features the cold touch handle to be easy to clean and store.

 The detachable wire rack can drain excess fat from food. The oil level on the fryer

 body reminds you of the right amount of oil and you will not waste the cooking oil.

4、Wide Application: The fryer is compatible with all types of fire sources, 

including the fire sources of gas stove, induction cooker, electric stove.

5、Safe to Use: The fryer features the Japanese-style riveted curved handle, which is safe and firm in use.


Name: Tempura Fryer
Material: 201 stainless steel
Size: as shown in the picture (the size of the product is measured manually, there may be some tolerance)
Pot diameter: 20.5cm/8.07in
Pot depth: 13.5cm/5.31in
Application: induction cooker and gas stove
Features: it has practicality such as fuel saving, splash proof, convenient oil filtering and easy cleaning.

Use and notes:

1. The new pot can be used without any special method of opening the pot. It can be used after cleaning. When

 cleaning the pot, please note that this thermometer can not be washed. Just wipe it with a cleaning cloth every day.

2. This pot is designed for saving oil. When using it, according to the

 amount of food ingredients, just put an appropriate amount of edible oil in it.

3. This pot can be used for home frying. And it is suitable for frying various food ingredients. The oil

 temperature for different food ingredients can be controlled independently by the attached thermometer.

4. When cleaning the pot, the cover and filter can be removed and cleaned. And the objects such as steel balls

 are not allowed to wipe the body of the pot. And please note that the thermometer is prohibited from washing.

Packing List:

1 * Fryer