Giant Bamboo Cuttings

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Dendrocalamus asper poles are used as a building material and structural timber for heavy construction such as houses and bridges. The culm internodes used as containers for water and other fluids, and as cooking pots. This bamboo is also used for making laminated boards, furniture, musical instruments, chopsticks, household utensils and handicrafts. Young shoots are sweet and considered a delicious vegetables."

Giant Bamboo grows 30 times faster than woods.?

Giant Bamboo absorbs 35% more CO2 than woods?

Giant Bamboo releases 30% more O2 than wood ? Surely YES!,

Bamboo has a lot of uses and most of all... - for bamboo house - for furniture - for watershed and etc. Plant Giant Bamboo now for a greener and healthier future. Once you have chosen a place to start your bamboo growing, you can plant your bamboo. Dig a hole that is twice as wide as the rootball on your bamboo. Set the bamboo in the hole.