iPhone To Tv Cable™

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Browse Social Media, Make Video Calls, Stream Movies,
All Without A Smart TV!

What’s more luxurious than enjoying all the fun the internet has to offer on your big screen TV right in your living room?

You may have heard that in order to do that, you’d need to upgrade to an expensive smart TV, or buy an Apple TV or Roku. Those would do the trick, but what if I told you we’ve got a secret alternative that won’t empty your wallet?
Introducing our revolutionary iPhone to TV Cable!
Our iPhone to TV Cable works very simply – it consists of a USB cable and a lightning cable, and both are connected to an HDMI cable. Just connect your phone to your TV and see what's on your phone mirrored right up on your TV screen.
The cables extend to 200 cm, roughly 6 ½ feet, so you can sit back comfortably in your sofa and scroll through videos on YouTube, like pictures on Instagram, or even Facetime with a friend!
Our iPhone to TV Cable works with your iPad too! It supports iOS 11 and doesn’t require you to have a smart TV. Any ordinary HD TV will work great as long it has an HDMI port, which is standard for modern TVs
It is built to support streaming videos, pictures, games and slideshows on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, Snapchat, IDMB, Microsoft Office, Hulu Plus, Quickflix, Family On TV, ABC, NBC, FOX, and more videos downloaded and saved on your IOS Devices for stream.
Don't forget the iPhone to TV Cable on your next business trip! It’slight and compact, so you don’t have to worry about finding space for it.
 During a presentation, you won't have to make your associates pass around your iPad or lean in to see the little screen. Just hook it up to the projector or TV and give your presentation in full 1080p HD!
And if someone’s not able to make it to the meeting, instantly Skype them in! Just connect your phone, and call them via Skype, Facetime or WhatsApp.
Throwing a party at your house? Make it a karaoke party! Stream karaoke videos and throw the lyrics to your favorite songs up on your screen. Make it a night your friends won’t forget!
An important game only playing on a channel you don't have? No sweat! Find a live stream online, stream it on your TV and invite your friends over! Tell them to bring the beer and pizza!



  • Easy to use – just plug and play!
  • 3 heads – USB, Lightning and HDMI connect your device to your TV
  • Cables extend to 200cm or 6 ½ feet so you can control from your couch
  • Works with your iPhone and iPad
  • Compatible with HDTVs, monitors and projectors
  • What’s on your phone is mirrored on your TV
  • Plays both video and audio through the speakers of your TV
  • Play games, stream videos, play music, give presentations and MORE!
  • Lightweight and easy to keep with you at all times
  • Inexpensive solution
  • Cheaper alternative to an Apple TV
  • No need for wifi or hotspot
  • Lightning to HDMI supports iOS 11
  • Works with iPhone X, 8/8plus Series, 7 Series, 6 Series and 5 Series
    Works With All iPods & iPads